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About Me

Learn a little more about me through this album!


Where you find Frequently Asked Questions about me and my services!

What Kids Say...

Unprompted artwork and letters from children I've worked with
Test test test here's some text
"Dear Max, thank you for being our friend."
"Dear Maxwell, I hope you had a great valentines day! Love _________       ps. best kid sitter!"
"Dear Maxwell, I hope you've had a great year! And happy graduation! Love _____"
"For you open it when you get home. You are fun. We like to play all day. We love when you come over. We love you! We like when you do the stickie notes."


I offer reliable and safe transportation services to ensure your child is picked up and dropped off at your desired location.

Crafts + Activities

Crafts and activities that are designed to engage and entertain your child while promoting creativity and learning.
Fidget Toys
Bubble Wands
Magnetic Building Toys
Pool Toys
Card Games

Meal Preparation

Whether it's simply heating food up, or planning and preparing meals every day, I have experience in all sorts of food preparation.
Scrambled Egg Sandwich, Side of Fruit
Smoked Salmon Lox With Cream Cheese on a Mini Bagel, Topped With Capers
Nutella Sandwich, Peta Bread, Ham and Cheese, Fruit
Nutella Sandwich, Peta Bread, Ham and Cheese, Fruit
Eggs Benedict with a side of Fruit


Helping organize your home so you can focus on the little ones.


With parental consent and a transportation agreement, I'm happy to take kids on excursions to places like mini golf, fairs, markets, pools, or museums on longer days.
Zip Line Course (*Trip to Iceland Not Included)
Meeting Icelandic Horses ((*Trip to Iceland Not Included)
Visiting the Zoo
Going to the Pool
Going to see a movie

My Recommendations + Resources

Wonder where I get my certifications? What books I recommend? What are my favorite kid-friendly excursions are? This is where you find this info (plus more!)

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