About Me

I've always been interested in the arts, like music, video, and photography. The first camera that I got, I used it everywhere, practicing photography and cinematography everywhere I went. I took classes at Lighthouse Studio to learn more about cinematography and started my first film endeavor under the name of Minpin Films. Minpin Films was later expanded into Minpin Studios when I was more educated about the arts of photography and audio engineering. Later, I was promoted to the Technical Advisor role of Filmmakers Helping Filmmakers, a Facebook group with nearly 20k members. I didn't have time to manage a company under the category of a studio anymore, so Minpin Studios eventually faded into my current endeavor. I changed the domain to my real name to customize the content without representing a whole company. My main goal for my creations is to create quality art that's affordable to all while still communicating your values and interests. Including videos that celebrate the people you care about, exactly how they are in all their quirks and personality, photos that honor honesty and connection, and music that brings joy into your home and life and helps you stay rooted in what matters most.

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