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Often, we are limited to creative ideas in our minds and never beyond that. 

In my mind, when you really explore and examine those ideas and beliefs, you allow for nuance and complexity. You allow for shades of grey to sneak into what you’re trying to convey, which ultimately makes those ideas stronger and more compelling, both for you and the people who view your work.

My goal is to help you tell stories that matter. In theory, making films that matter is a beautiful, simple idea. But it’s not quite that easy; Something that matters to me might not matter to you, or something he believes in might not be true for her. Making films to express, explore, or examine the ideas that interest us, our personal struggles, and our personal and cultural beliefs on a microscopic level can help give a film meaning and purpose.  You can infuse any film with these things. The style of the film doesn’t matter, nor does the genre. It can be a music video, documentary, horror, or silent film. You don’t have to sacrifice entertainment or humor for some serious message. 

Remember when I said earlier that it’s hard to define “films that matter” due to the fact that different things matter to different people? Well that’s also precisely why it’s so important that we all create things that matter to us individually and then share those things with the world.

When people from all walks of life make art, new perspectives emerge. And when people from diverse backgrounds immerse themselves in those perspectives, we grow more tolerant of one another, more empathetic. The world, quite literally, becomes a better place, one person and one perspective at a time. Sounds cheesy and overly idealistic, I know, but trust me on this one.

You’re the storyteller. Go tell your story.

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